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What are the Main Rules of Rummy?

Everyone heard about rummy and it’s becoming popular day by day, many people are trying their luck in this game every day. In the rummy game, you can not only win money but also the discount coupon. The discount coupon is also known as the rummy circle promo code, if you are new to the game then you should know about the rules of rummy. 

In this article, you will tell you about the golden rules of rummy which will help you while you are playing this game

What is a rummy table?

Tournaments in rummy games

A table is a place where the rummy is played by players. On each rummy table, only 6 players can sit in each game. 

What is Joker and Wild Card?

In the game of rummy, the deck has a printed clown and a wild card, these things are selected randomly at the beginning of the game. In the game, cards have the same role. Clowns are used to creating sets and faux sequences. A clown card can be changed with the desired number when the group forms. 

What is draw and discard?

In the game of rummy each player has the 13 cards, with these 13 cards there are 2 stacks from each player and they can select a card so thereby drawing one card. Once the player draws a card then he has to get rid of one card, this process is called discard. A player can either draw with a closed un- deal card or you can say open discarded pile. When the turn comes then the player can leave the game. However, the game of rummy by the player can be left only before the card draw. 

What is a drop?

When the rummy player decides to leave the game at the beginning or in the middle of the rummy game then this step is called the drop. If someone is withdrawing from the game due to some personal decision then he faces point loss. In the first drop, he lost 20 points, in the middle drop he lost 40 points, and in the last drop, he lost 80 points. 

In the case of pool rummy, if he drops into pool 101 then the player score is 20 and if it is 201 in pool rummy then he drops almost 25. In a game where it is played best of 2 or Best of 3, a drop is not allowed.

What are cash tournaments in rummy games?

Cash tournaments in rummy games

In the online rummy game, cash tournaments are played with real cash and they also won real cash. The tournament is based on knock–out style and runs 24X7. To play any cash game, the player must add cash to their Rummy Circle account.

How can you join a tournament?

To join the cash tournaments in the top navigation panel you have to select the type of tournament. Then you can join them but before joining any one of them check their details too.